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I purchased 3 DVDs in Az before going on a trip to Colorado. They were returned at a Blockbuster in Arvada,Co at the night drop.

I just got charged $32.39 for each DVD because they evidently were dropped off the wrong Blockbuster. We went to the store where we dropped them off and they gave them back to us because they belonged to Blockbuster Express. I called blockbuster Express to let them know what happened and told them If I can send the movies to them and get my money back. They could care less about what had happen and told me there is no refunds.

The Customer Service was HORRIBLE!

I am not surprised they closed stores around the country!! I would NOT recommend this company to anyone!!!!

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I would agree that it sucks that you still can't return the dvds, BUT, why on earth would you return Blockbuster Express kiosk movies to a Blockbuster retail store? Everyone needs to understand that Blockbuster Express is owned by REDBOX, and has no affiliation with Blocbuster stores. I realize that's not common knowledge, but still, it wouldn't occur to me to return the dvds to a different store.

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